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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's here! Jonathan's Story

Feeling a bit dreary and cold outside?  Try celebrating Chanukah in a whole new way.  Focus on the true story of the Maccabees and do some great activities as you go along.  I have written a family friendly version of their story which I call "Jonathan's Story."

"Jonathan's Story" is finished and ready for you to download.  There are eight parts to the story, one for each day of Chanukah.  Be sure to check out the activities before Chanukah.  Some are spontaneous, but some may require you to gather some materials ahead of time.

Download:  "Jonathan's Story"

Please take the time to share your Maccabee based Chanukah celebration with us, so we can all get more ideas for next year.  Post a link to your blog post below.

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Mommy Set Free said...

You did a great job with this Heidi! We are going to use your story to share the "original chanukah story" with our children! Thank you for writing this and sharing it with us!

I am looking forward to more of your writing in the future!! Do you draw? If not, you need to find yourself an illustrator sister! Much Love, p

Heidi said...

I do draw some, and I enjoy watercolor, but I have a weakness in the people department lol!

Christine said...

you, my dear sister, are a true treasure. I've read the first two parts to my kiddies and they cannot wait for more! I'm with Pamela! Illustrate it and publish it! and then write some more? There is a NEED for this in the body. Pray about it...because you have a wonderful gift and there is a need for this sort of thing!

Anonymous said...

I'm a few days late, but here I am! Thank you so much for this! Downloaded and will do some catching up tomorrow. I'm so excited about this! *Yea!* :)

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