What is my blog about? It's about Torah family living. It's about letting Torah affect our daily lives, from mealtime to bedtime, homeschooling to farm chores.

Hebrew word studies

I have found great pleasure in studying verses by taking the words back to the hebrew, far enough back that we can see a picture rather than an abstract idea.  I use the Ancient Hebrew Lexican of the Bible to help me with this. I have been very inspired by Brad Scott's teaching that all of Scripture can be broken down into a family, a house, and a piece of land.  I want to see Scripture that way.  In these studies, I break down the main words into concrete ideas and then write my own paraphrase of the verse.  I hope you will enjoy these, and also be inspired to try it for yourself.

Psalm 37:3
Psalm 37:4
Psalm 37:6
Psalm 37:7

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