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Torah Portions

Weekly Torah Portion studies available to read or print:

Torah Class  A chapter by chapter study of the Torah right through the gospels.  It has a readable or printable study, and audio teaching, and accompanying illustrations and maps.  It covers much historical and cultural background.  (pdf)

Emet Ministries Torah Portion  A shorter commentary on each torah portion.

Restoration of Torah  Tony Robinson presents a thematic approach to each portion with the specific goal of seeing the Messiah in Torah.  It is presented in such a way that it would be excellent used as a group study.  A children's version is also available.  (pdf)

Sheepfold Gleanings  Torah commentaries by Carl and Julie Parker of the Messianic Israel Alliance.  They offer a unique and valuable perspective.  Please note that the listing is in reverse.   

Torah Explorers  Natan Lawrence has put together a torah study for children 10 and up.  Lots of thought provoking questions, only done through the current portion.  (pdf)

Waters in the Wilderness  Natan Lawrence's torah teaching for adults.  It has a quick outline, many open ended discussion questions, and a thorough teaching on the haftarah portion.  Portions are listed in reverse.

Hebrew 4 Christians  Here you will find a quick summary of the plot and characters, complete with helps like family trees.  It also gives a quick look at the haftarah and brit chadashah. 

El Shaddai Ministries  Mark Biltz has notes and video teaching for each portion.  He puts emphasis on the hebrew language and spends time on the Gospels and Acts as well.

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