What is my blog about? It's about Torah family living. It's about letting Torah affect our daily lives, from mealtime to bedtime, homeschooling to farm chores.

Homeschooling (rubber boot style!)

I will be adding to this page as we go.  I want to make this as complete a resource center as I can.  Part of it will be a list of my posts about all things homeschool.  Part will be sites that are chock full of materials you can use to help you.  And part will be a list of the materials that have found a place in our homeschool.

Homeschool philosophy
My Roots
Reading Readiness
Real Life Math
Organizing downloads and websites
Planning a unit study 

Rubber Boot Lesson Plans 
These are lesson plans that I have put together to use with my children. I hope you benefit from them.

Weather - Cost for resources - $0.50

Our homeschool materials
Language Lessons for Little Ones
Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
Ray's Arithmetic
Learn to Read Bible (Rocket Readers. Level 1, Level 2)
Living books and nonfiction assorted for history and science
Lots of paper, colored pencils, scissors, and glue
Torah School
Dry erase markers and board
Day by Day Kid's Bible: The Bible for Young Readers (Tyndale Kids)
Adult bible in various translations
The Outdoor Hour  To see our adventures, click here.

Links you may find helpful

Charlotte Mason style materials
Heart of Wisdom - This is Hebraic homeschooling at its best.  There have been many things added to the site recently, such as lesson plans, links, etc.  Be sure to check it out.

Simply Charlotte Mason - I have not even begun to tap the resources at this site.  I have enjoyed several of her ebooks, very good.  An entire scope and sequence is given, and torah is studied in several sections.

Queen Homeschool - This site has some excellent Charlotte Mason style materials.  I am particularly fond of the living book study guides and the english books. 

Shabbat materials
Must see index of children's materials
Printable bible trading cards
New Testament bible worksheets
Old Testament bible worksheets
Printable bible memory cards
Children's thematic Torah teachings
Aleph-bet coloring pages
Gospel Hall - This site has tons of 3d printable to go along with just about every story in the Bible.  A 3d tabernacle and 3d popup on a map showing the journey from Egypt to Canaan are just a few.  This is for Sunday School, so keep that in mind when looking at actual lesson materials.

Nature Study
The Outdoor Hour - This blog uses the book "Handbook of Nature Study" by Anna Botsford Comstock as a base.  There are weekly challenges to guide you through nature study with your children.  Nature journal and notebooking page ideas are also given.

Trees - This site has a lengthy list of the more common trees.  Each description has photos for id, a history of the tree, poetry, and care instructions.  It is definitely not written like an encyclopedia, and makes for enjoyable reading.

Kids' Science Experiments - This site has quite a collection of simple science experiments for different areas of science.  The equipment is easy to come by.

Matchcard Science - These unit studies have simple diagrams of science concepts with empty spaces for the child to fill in the missing info. The missing info is on little cards to be put in like a game. We really like these at our house.

Lapbooking, notebooking, file folders
Hearts in training free printables - This blog is run by a homeschool mom.  Much of her material matches up beautifully with the Torah School posts.  She even has hebrew copywork pages, which I love.

Practical Pages blog - This blog is run by a homeschool mom and has lots of tips and tricks, lapbooks, copywork, etc.

Lapbook Lessons - This site is chock full of lapbooks, templates, a forum and links to other helpful sister sites.  Free membership required.

Homeschool Share - This site has hundreds of lapbooks, many based on literature.  Five in a row resources and unit studies are also available.

Review and Study Aids
Activity village - This site has free coloring pages, puzzles, crafts, certificates, bookmarks, etc.  There is bound to be something you will find useful in your homeschool.

TLS books free worksheets - You will find excellent quality worksheets here for preschool through sixth grade.  I am using the preschool ones with Sadie right now.  She is excited to do school, but not quite ready for reading.  This site has been a good fit.

Purpose games - This site has thousands of games in the categories of history, science, and geography.  You may find yourself labeling the heart or finding the US states on a map.

The teacher's corner - This site has several things, but the thing I want to point out is the ability to make custom worksheets.  You can type in your word list, or other specs, and the program spits out word searches, crosswords, mazes, sudoku, calendars, maps, and more.

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Carmen Bruno said...

You look really organized Heidi. My two are in high school now so we try to make the most fun where we can. It was funny watching Zach today (who's in 10th), doing a bit of school and then taking a break running to the garage working his bow he is making. I'm so glad they have other things to balance it out.

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