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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Think of me

Just when I thought I had encountered everything but an easy birth, I came across something I hadn't encountered before, threat of preterm labor. I spent the afternoon in the hospital being monitored due to contractions and bleeding. They checked for UTI, but that wasn't the problem. Noah is doing well and I am doing well, but my cervix seems to be a bit over anxious. I'm 34 1/2 weeks so the doctor put me on limited activity, no heavy lifting and lots of fluids. This should be interesting. I appreciate you all thinking of me. We are very thankful that Noah is doing great, but want to keep him in there as long as we can.


Sigalit Chana said...

May Father grant your desire. I will keep you in my prayers. So glad to hear Noah and mama are doing well =)

Katie said...

Thats it, no more lifting all 5 kids at once! :P Hope everything goes well and you have a sweet baby (but not too soon!) <3

YahKheena said...

We'll be praying here in TN. Glad to hear all is well with you and the wee one. Father's Favour upon you and yours!!

lusi said...

Will be praying for you Heidi and Noah!
LI've Lus x

Anonymous said...

Praying for you, Heidi!!

singing mama said...

Oh Heidi, praying for you all especially you and little Noah!!! Praying for YHVH to wrap his peace and protection around you and precious Noah these coming weeks!!
How your poor mama heart must be feeling!!!
Luv Donna

Carmen Bruno said...

Heidi, praying for you and baby. Have you checked into any herbs that may be of help?

blessings ~ Carmen

Andi said...

Praying Heidi....May Abba fill you full of peace!

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