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Saturday, April 23, 2011

36 weeks!

It's official! We made it to 36 weeks today! According to the doctor, I no longer need to worry about neonatal care, which also means I don't have to drive three hours to a hospital that has NICU. Now I can drive to my hospital of choice or stay at home, which is my first choice. My midwife will be here on Tuesday for my home visit. Then she can check out my giant tub and see if it will work for a waterbirth. Doug agreed to reward me for my "good behavior" on bedrest this past week and a half. I get to go up the half flight of stairs and take a soak in the big tub! Yeah!

I thought that since we are in the "safe zone" now, you all might enjoy guessing when Noah will make his big entrance and how much he will weigh. I'll give you the dates and weights of my other kiddos, though I'm not sure if it will be much help lol.

Naomi - 42 weeks, 9 lb 12 oz
Holly - 39 weeks, 8 lb 2 oz
Isaac - 38 1/2 weeks, 7 lb 13 oz
Sadie - 42 weeks, 8 lb 4 oz
Elisha - 40 weeks, 8 lb 2 oz

I tend to follow the moon, but I almost hope I don't this time. I was in the hospital last week around the full moon. The next moon is May 17, and I am actually due on May 21.

Another interesting note: The kids' birthdays are May 27, May 28, July 25, Nov. 6, Nov. 7. Isn't that crazy?

Shabbat Shalom, everyone!


singing mama said...

Heidi , SO wonderful that you are 36 weeks, praise Yah!!!!!!

Here are my guesses -

May 17th actually sounds right for Noahs birthday
9 pounds 2 ounces weight
Blue eyes
Light brown hair
Labour length - 6 hours
And hopefully born in your big tub!!!

I find these guessing games SO fun!!!

Praying for you and Noah :)

Luv Donna

Mommy Set Free said...

That is so wonderful! Halleluyah!

No guesses here. :-)

Much Love, p

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