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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bedrest log day #5, Passover

Yesterday was Passover. We set up everything in my living room, so I wouldn't have to get up. It was a lovely time, but still a lot of excitement. Consequently, a rough night followed. My medication wasn't settling things down like it should. Thankfully, Doug came out to check on me and prayed for me and Noah. Within moments, I was able to relax and head back to bed. I know YHVH hears my prayers, but there is something special about when the priest of the home prays.

Today, we are taking it easy. Doug has been playing games with the kids and Gramma and I are hanging out together, well, I'm laying down as much as possible.

On the dehydrator front, we have dehydrated orange and yellow bell peppers, and chunks of cantaloupe dipped in sugar and ginger. I have jars of homemade canned peaches, only to discover that the kids don't really like canned peaches. So I am turning them into fruit rollups.

I'll check in again soon.


Andi said...

Praise Yah for a priest in your home...I love that about my husband as well! Praying you are little Noah are doing well....Shalom and Rest up!

Mommy Set Free said...

Sweet Heidi,
I am realized I needed to catch up when you mentioned bed rest! I have spent so little time of the computer in the last week!

I am praying for you and you are heavily on my heart now!

Loving you! p

Mommy Set Free said...

p.s. Love the photo of your daughter with the BB lamb! I saw it before but did not notice the bread! :-)

singing mama said...

Good to hear things are going ok with you and Noah!
Good to that you have a project (dehydrating) to keep your mind and hands busy.
I used to use my dehydrator daily and I have some really yummy recipes, if you are interested let me know. :)
Luv Donna

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