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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Any ideas?

I have a sore right "milk jug." I've had infections before, and don't want to spend my birthday tomorrow with one. I'm taking vitamin C and echinacea. Doug bought me a cabbage, because the leaves are supposed to be comforting. I have a feeling it is brought on by stress. I have a bunch of things piling up right before Sabbath, like three bushels of peaches. Any ideas for treatment? It is not infected, but I know that could quickly change if I don't stay on top of it. Thanks!


Cat said...

I would add garlic to what your taking, Fill up a bottle with water and take the baby to bed. Basically rest lots, drink lots and feed baby on that side lots. Usually avoided a full blown infection for me when i did that.
I would say it's the beginning of one.
Can you have your DH and children help with the peaches so you can rest?

Heidi said...

Thanks, I have been trying to rest, at least hanging out in the recliner a lot. The peaches aren't here yet, but knowing the call could come at any time is a bit frustrating. Off to take some garlic. At least I haven't gotten any worse, and no fever.

lusi said...

Cabbage definitely helped me too Heidi. I had recurring mastitis and would position the baby's chin right on the spot that was lumpy.
Hey HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow!
Hope you get some rest and that this infection or whatever it is goes away quickly for you.
Much love,
Lus x

Spatzli said...

I use a book called "Be Your Own Dr.' written by a lady who had 10 children.
This is for an infection, but I tho't maybe some of these tips would be a preventative measure! :)
She says to:
:Go to bed immediately and stay there unless you are in the shower or the bathroom.
:Drink 2 glasses of water every hr.
:Take 1000mg. vit.C every hr.
:put cabbage leaf in your bra over sore area to draw out infection, and rub well with poke root oil, to get the lymph flowing again
:Get in the shower and massage the sore area well under very warm running water twice daily.
:try a charcoal poultice over the area.
:Running a fever? Step up the above routine. Do step 2-3 every half hour for 3 hrs.
:Always nurse the baby. The breast must stay empty even if nursing is painful.
:Rub the area with a bit of peppermint oil diluted in olive oil.
I do hope you'll be feeling better SOON!

Michelle said...

Be sure to rest. :) I massage while nursing, nurse often and that seems to work.

Heidi said...

Thanks for all your advice, ladies. I feel so much better today. The massage really helped, and thankfully the peaches won't be here till next week.

singing mama said...

Happy birthday Heidi!! Sorry Im late, Ive being away.
I'm glad the infection is feeling better, having had a lot of different infections thruout my breastfeeding career I would echo the advise of the other ladies, and especailly massaging the area during a warm shower relieves blockages which help the infection to pass thru. Hot packs/washcloths on the area whilst feeding and cold packs on the area when not feeding. LOTS of garlic and vit c and probiotics. Hope it clears up well!!
Luv Donna

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