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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sadie's Stories

I don't normally do a separate preschool curriculum. Normally the little ones sit with me while I teach the bigger ones. They participate where they can, pick info up by osmosis, and stay out of trouble. Everyone's happy!

But this year, I felt the need to do something different with Sadie. She is child #4, not quite big enough but not that small either. I don't want her to get overlooked or forgotten. I first thought of 5 in a row, but financially that just isn't an option. So with the encouragement of my Mom, I'll be coming up with her schoolwork myself. The basic idea is to read good books to her, and do activities as we feel inspired. When I cleaned out the bookcase, I was very pleased with the selections.

"Make Way for Ducklings"
"The Tawny Scrawny Lion"
"James Herriot Treasury"
"Frog and Toad Together"
"Little Bear"

My Mom also found a book that was given to me when I was 3, "The Little Golden Book Treasury."

I had a little impromptu beginning today and was very pleased with the results. I found a book of one page stories with little activities. We read the first story, titled, "The Apple Man." I pulled her up in my lap and began to read. You should have seen her face! She had a huge grin and just came alive while we were reading. Why don't I read out loud more often? I don't know. I guess I just get selfish and busy.

Well, when we were done, the book had a few suggested activities. We sang the song together, and made our own apple man. She picked an apple from one of our trees, and we made a face with cloves and arms out of toothpicks. We even cut an apple open to see the star. The older kiddos had to make their own apple men, too.

I will continue to post Sadie's Stories, and you can peek in on our simple adventures with books. Hey, less is more! See you next time!


Andi said...

You should check out the goat lady ...here is a link...http://www.tilburyhouse.com/childrens/the-goat-lady.htm

I checked it out from the library...a very cool book!

lusi said...

Great idea Heidi :-)
Can't wait to read more of your reading adventures with Sadie!
Love Lusi x

Peterson Party said...

What fun! We love do combine stories with activities :)

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