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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A sample

It occurred to me that I didn't give very much info about what is actually in The Children's Ketubbah Project. You can't read my mind, so let me attempt to do that here. Below is one of the ketubbahs found in the book, written for daughters. There is also one for sons. There are other things in the book, too, but this will give you a sample.

We love you.
YHVH formed you in the womb. He made you beautiful and smart.
We want the very best for you and we are so happy you are part of our family.
We are not perfect parents, but we promise to do our very best.
We will pray for you.
We will listen to you.
We will be a living example of how to walk in Torah, teach it to you, and show you how to study it on your own.
We will lovingly discipline you when you do wrong, to keep you on the right track. We will restore you after the discipline.
We will enjoy you and learn about you as a unique special girl, and help you develop the talents your Heavenly Father gave you.
We will be available to help you with decisions, including the choice of your future husband, life work, and ministry.

From Mom:
I will show you how to be a good future wife by being one now.
I will patiently show you how to be a capable young lady.

From Dad:
I will meet your needs, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.
I will provide a safe haven for you to grow up in.

We hope you will return our love with your own, demonstrated by honor and obedience. But we will love you no matter what.
When we fail in any of the things listed above, we will apologize and make it right.

I have turned each of these phrases into a mini chapter where I discuss how to implement them. I pray that this book is a blessing to your family. Just writing it has been so helpful to our family. Parenting is now something we do on purpose. We are thinking through how we interact with our children. We want our children's hearts, but now, we are letting them have our heart, too.

Read a book review here.

Get your copy on Sept. 4 by going here. There will also be some giveaways on that day.

Enter to get a free advanced copy here.

Thanks so much for all your excitement! It means a lot to me. :)


Abbey said...

I am VERY excited for this!!!

singing mama said...

Wow Heidi!! That brought tears to my eyes, so beautiful and so the cry of my mama heart!!!
Can't wait till your book is out, it sounds like it will be wonderful!!
Parenting is one of my hardest and most rewarding parts of life!!
Luv Donna

lusi said...

Love it Heidi! Am so excited about this!
I know it will encourage many families...ours included!
Bless you guys!
Love Lus x

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