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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bedrest log day #2 stardate 20110416.138

Wow, from that title, I sound like the captain of a ship. If you could see my little corner of the world, it kind of looks like a ship. We opened up the futon in the living room and put a twin mattress on top of it to make it more comfortable. I have pillows and blankets, my laptop, a basket with the phone, knitting, etc. I even set up a TV tray to put my new dehydrator on! Isn't it something that my new toy would arrive on the very day that I'm in the hospital. We did an entire bunch of celery that was a bit limp. It came out beautifully and I added it to my soup veggie jar. We spent Shabbat reading the Torah portion, studying some verses Doug read this week, and watching a couple episodes of Shalom Sesame. Elisha likes to spend a lot of time cuddled up with me, and Sadie gets me clean diapers and takes away the clean ones. Perhaps I can finish knitting the baby hat I'm working on tonight. Check in with you all later.

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singing mama said...

Hope things are going ok Heidi!! Thinking of you and little Noah.
Luv Donna

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