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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rubber boot lesson plans

I love spending hours on the internet searching up activities and worksheets to use for a unit study. But let's be realistic here. I don't have hours and you probably don't either. My rubber boot lesson plans are my humble answer. Here's how they work.

I have sifted through resources that I have come across, and organized them into 15-20 minute lessons. I am using them with my kiddos, but I thought someone out there might benefit from them, too. So I added all the links and put my lesson plans into a PDF for you. If it is helpful to you, great! If not, well, maybe it will give you ideas on how to organize your own unit studies.

This and any future lesson plans will be available on my homeschool page.  Please keep in mind that I am teaching PK-2nd grade. The resources I use are most suited for those ages, or I have adapted them to work.

Weather - Cost for resources I used - $0.50

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Suzanne McDaniel said...

You are awesome! What a great idea. :) We are back to homeschool full time as of tomorrow so I'm gathering resources again.

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