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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Helpful daughters

(This is last year's milking season. We don't have green grass yet lol.)
Milking has been so much nicer with some helpers. My daughters have taken it upon themselves to go with me to the milking parlor. It is easy to underestimate what they are capable of, but they have proven very helpful.

Here is what milking looks like at our house.
The girls usually get a headstart on me while I get the milking pail and filter ready. When I get to the milking parlor (which used to be a grainery that Doug made over for me), Holly has usually caught the does and has one on the stand waiting for me. Naomi is very good at filling the grain which they get to eat while milking. Sadie likes to stand on the milking stand looking out the window. She lets me know if she sees the baby lambs. Holly can milk Pomegranate pretty well. I just have to finish her off to make sure she's empty. Then Holly tucks the goats in their stall for the night. If I decide to catch Peach, Holly makes sure her baby Magnum is all tucked in in his stall. Naomi enjoys sweeping and cleaning out the stalls. So I only have to milk Kiwi and Peach (only in the morning), and filter the milk into a big jar. When we're done in there, we make a quick trip  through the barn to check on all the babies. Sometimes the girls do this for me, too. Then I carry the milk in, and we're done!

The bigger I get, the more grateful I am for their help. Any job is easier if you don't have to take it on alone.


Andi said...

:0) I love the help I get from Bobbin, if it were not for my little...I am not sure what each day would like! Wonderful little ladies yours are for helping the momma!

lusi said...

What a wonderful help your girls are!!! You are so very blessed Heidi. I'm sure you have set them a great example of how to care for the goats. Loved reading this post today - just warmed my heart :)
Love Lus x

Katie said...

So nice to hear about your daily life and little helpers :) Have a great day!

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