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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bedrest log day #8, with pics!

Today I was able to spend more time sitting up, so I have a few accomplishments to show off. First, I finally put the tsitsit on Noah's baby blanket. My Mom made him an afghan, so I turned it into a tallit. I made one for Elisha, and held unto it during labor. He rarely sleeps with anything else.

We also were able to do some school today. We are making a lapbook about the 10 plagues and Passover. Actually we are making 3 lapbooks lol. Here is a picture of what we did so far.

I like that it teaches about the Egyptian gods that each plague was directed at. It also covers all the details of Passover. If you like it, here is the link to where I purchased it. Ten Plagues of Egypt lapbook

I thought you might enjoy some pics of some of our lambs. They are old enough to go off and play together while the mommas eat. Yes, we still have snow.


Andi said...

I love the blanket - tallit idea! My mom said she was blessed with 8 inches of snow this past night...she lives in Michigan too! Hope you are doing well and please know you are in my thoughts!

lusi said...

Thinking of you Heidi! Love your blanket with the tzit tzits and the lambs are so sweet!
Much love as you rest,
Lus x

Sigalit Chana said...

Sounds like a good day! Thinking of you often. Thank you for keeping us updated =)

singing mama said...

Love Noahs blanket Heidi! How special!! Hoping and praying things are going well for you and you are hanging in their!!!
Luv Donna

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