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Friday, June 24, 2011

You did what?!!!

I know moms have eyes in the back of their head, but yesterday, mine were malfunctioning.
It has been raining all week, so the kids are crazy. I told them to clean up the living room while I continued to work in the office.
Isaac comes running in, screaming something completely unintelligible. I didn't have a clue. Finally I figured out that he swallowed a coin! And not just any coin. No, Isaac had to swallow a quarter (Oklahoma special edition, to be exact.)
I  spouted off some "What on earth were you thinking!!!" and then tried to determine the seriousness of the situation. He said his throat hurt. I got online to research. Emergency rooms! Esophageal blockage! One guy responded to a question on a forum with, "They'll be okay as long as they don't make change." Now, how helpful is that!
So I called my mom. She had swallowed a penny, but she was too little to remember. And we never did anything like that when we were kids. We were sensible children.
Next, I called Doug at work. One of his fellow pilots suggested ice cream. It would get him swallowing, but would melt rather than get stuck. No ice cream. So I fed him crushed ice. That seemed to help, and his throat started feeling better immediately. But how could we be sure that it was past the esophogas? From my research, once it hits the stomach, the majority of danger is over. The only way to tell for sure where it is would be an x-ray. And here I am, without my personal x-ray machine. :) But then Doug had a stroke of genius. Praise YHVH for the idea! What about the metal detector?
So I got out the metal detector and had Isaac lay down on the floor. I moved the metal detector in sweeping motions over him, and sure enough, it started beeping just below his nipple line! I tried it a few more times to confirm, and there it was, in the same spot every time. It seemed safe to assume that the quarter had made it to his stomach.
I decided to let him have some mushed up canned peaches. He ate two bowls with no problem. He slept in my bed, and several times during the night, I checked to make sure his chest was still going up and down. (How we mothers sacrifice!) This morning he has been eating fine, and when I scanned him again, the coin had moved into his small intestines. Now we wait.
Of course, he has been reciting, "Don't put anything in your mouth that isn't food!"


YahKheena said...

Praise Yah, I know it must have been a scare, but to be honest... only a home school family or a family that follows Yah would think to use a metal detector... I love it!! So glad the favor of Yah was upon him and the coin is moving a long :-)

Andi said...

Oh MY GOODNESS! I could not help but laugh, not that it is funny by any means, but I have memories....oh Heidi your a great momma...way to keep your head! Much Love!

singing mama said...

Heidi, what a brilliant idea! It did make me giggle to think of sweeping a metal detector over a child ;). Praise Yah for the creativity of our minds!! Hope it passes quickly for Isaac .
Luv Donna

Mommy Set Free said...

Oh Hiedi! We laughed too (and then felt bad for laughing!). I am very curious how things "turn out"! Is that wrong too?? :-) I do pray he is Ok and that the procees not be too bad! Much Love, p (and B)

Heidi said...

Don't anyone feel bad for laughing; I wrote it to be funny lol. It has been fun watching the beep move through his small intestines. Hopefully, it is nearing the "end."

Peterson Party said...

Has it made it out yet? I swallowed several marbles from our Chinese Checkers game when I was a toddler. Also had a cousin swallow a straight pin. Yikes!

Mrs. Zwieg said...

Wow! That is quite the ordeal and thank you for the permission to laugh because I was rolling! :)

I found your blog on the Messianic Keepers at Home Community and look forward to more of your posts! :)

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