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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cloth diapers

I am so happy to get Noah out of disposable diapers. Spending that money every week really bothers me, when all I am doing is throwing it away. You might have guessed that I'm not a fan of disposable anything. I used disposables to start with because his bum is so small and it's hard to get anything to fit. But he is growing so well that today, I was able to get him in cloth diapers. Here is a close up of what I am using right now.
Noah is wearing an infant sized prefold with pins. The cover is a fleece pull on cover, very easy to sew and use. The pattern can be downloaded free here:
Fleece pull on diaper cover pattern
In the past, I have knitted wool covers and longies. I actually sold them for awhile. But right now I like the convenience of throwing the fleece covers right in with the diapers to wash.

Elisha has a few different styles of covers. Some of them are pocket diapers, where you actually slide the prefold inside the diaper. His covers all have elastic around the legs and velcro closures. I think I will switch him to the pull on style for the summer so he can wear them like shorts.

I love the prefolds because of their versatility. I keep a pile of prefolds on the changing table, and can grab them for Elisha or Noah, and just use different covers. I can use pins, or lay them inside a cover, or stuff them in a pocket diaper.

Cloth diapers are totally doable. Give them a try!

Expert tip: Changing diapers all day can be pretty boring! Make it fun by tie dying your prefolds. Believe me, it will bring a smile to your face.  :)
"Mom, can I have my shirt back now?"

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singing mama said...

aww look at that sweet smile! Noah looks pretty happy with his cloth nappies! I also use cloth, but normally not until after 6 weeks for similar reasons, they have such little bottoms and also I find the first 6 weeks with a new baby can be overwhelming and so disposables it is. I have had to use disposables with Aurora because of her cast and now I tried to out a cloth back on her since the cast is off and she cried and cried and pulled it off :( so it looks like we will be in disposables with her until we toilet train in a few months - luckily I can get really really cheap ones! I too love dying my nappies! I tie dye heaps of things and I always tie dye outfits for friends babies - so much more fun than a plain onesie!
Luv Donna

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