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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Windmill Step 3 and a backyard tour

We have made a little progress on our windmill. The posts for the guide lines are cemented in, and we picked up 600 feet of cable to use for the guidelines.

Our property has a lot of old big trees. No matter what location we picked, we had to have the tower bigger than the big trees.

Below you will see a closeup of the hinge mechanism on the tower base. We will use the bottom bolt as a hinge to lift the tower in position. Doug will be lifting it up with a cable and his tractor. Then we will put in the top bolt (3/4") and connect the guide lines to the cemented in posts.

And now I thought you'd enjoy some pictures of our backyard, where the windmill will be located. It is actually a pasture, too. When you walk out our sliding door, you are in the pasture. It is fun to watch the animals walk by while we are eating dinner. Behind the fence line, you can see that we are barely holding back the wilderness. We love it!

Our chicken coop, milking shed, and barn

The lovely willow trees that all the animals relax under

My new clothesline!
Doug has been meaning to put it up for five years, but he got real motivated when the dryer broke lol!

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Andi said...

OH Heidi - I love it...the windmill, your clothes line and your new blog header!

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