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Thursday, June 9, 2011

27 days

Noah has been here for 27 days now, and, boy, has he grown! He is already 10 lbs. which is just amazing to me. He looks so much bigger now, and is attempting to make facial expressions, which is so cute. He also reaches out to grab me with his hands, which is a reflex, but so sweet. He loves to just look around and gaze at faces. This picture was hard to get, because he was squirming so much, and the picture kept coming out blurry. :)
This is a picture of cousins getting together on Shabbat. It was an impromptu get together which made for a pleasant afternoon.

Our days are getting progressively smoother. We are settling into a new normal. I think the biggest help for me was giving myself permission to just be myself. I'm not the woman with the immaculate house, and I never will be. People want to be with me because they enjoy my lighthearted company and my smile, not my neatly folded clean laundry. Which is a good thing, because I don't think I have any neatly folded clean laundry lol! There is a line from a movie that goes: If you look people in the eye, they won't notice what you are wearing. That is so true! It also seems true that if I am my normal confident colorful self, people won't notice my surroundings. :) Does this mean that I let everything slide and put a sign on my door that reads, "My house was clean yesterday, sorry you missed it," hoping no one will notice? Actually, I have found the opposite to be true. The less I worry about other people's standards, the more relaxed I become. The more relaxed I am, the more I accomplish. I feel like taking the time to read a story to the kids. I find delight in wiping that counter before I head off to bed. I'm really glad I tried that sourdough chocolate cake recipe. I don't feel guilty about ordering a kindle for myself with the cashback from our credit card. (It will be here Friday!)

In other words, I like me, and I would rather be me than try to fit in someone else's lifebox. I am the only one suited for my situation and I can handle it best when I embrace everything that YHVH put within me. If we can get a hold of this, it can only lead to good things! Many smiles to each of you. :)


Katie said...

I'm so happy for you, and especially for the Kindle! I have *ahem* appropriated Mom's Kindle and I love it. You MUST check out books by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey. They are free, and so wholesome and wonderful! I read "Pixie O'Shaughnessy and downloaded the next two books to read later (can't speak for those yet...). I bet you could read it to your older ones, but "Pixie" is so great <3 love ya, Katie

singing mama said...

Awww Heidi, he is so cute!!!!
Ah the ever present balance of keeping the home while not letting the home keep you! Something that Yah and I are constantly walking thru.
Luv Donna

Christine said...

such lovely little munchkins you have! such big happy smiles that ooze contentment :) I love what you said about not trying to fit into someone elses lifebox...life is so much more rewarding and relaxing when we stop comparing ourselves to everybody else! Bless you Heidi :)

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