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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook - September

Outside my window...it is dark and cold.

I am thankful...for life. I am glad to be given another day. I am glad to have six children and a wonderful husband. I am thankful for a healthy dose of perspective when things don't always go the way we planned.

From the learning rooms...We are moving a bit slow this week. With Gramma coming tomorrow and staying for 7 weeks, we have been a bit distracted with preparations. On top of that, we are still trying to finish putting up the 40+ pounds we got from the sheep last week.

In the kitchen...Egats! My kitchen needs a bit of help. I am taking a short sit down break to write this and then back to work. I have to make room for all the food Gramma will be bringing tomorrow. Bless her heart!

I am wearing...Denim. I need to be wearing a sweater and socks. It is cold tonight! Oh, and I actually put in a pair of earrings. I haven't worn any for probably a year. Doug thought they looked very feminine.

I am creating...a tunic length knitted vest. It is variegated purple wool, open in the front with a tie. I love having a good knitting project during Sukkot.

I am going...nowhere exciting. I can't even look forward to food co-op because I didn't get an order in this month.

I am reading...a book about food rationing during World War I, titled Everyday Foods in War Time . It's a very interesting read, outdated, but fascinating. Her understanding of nutrition at the time was uncanny. She lived in a world that had just invented oleomargarine, but also had some grasp of the importance of vitamines, as it was spelled at the time. Oh, and she knew that oatmeal should be cooked overnight, wise woman. :)

I am hoping...that my ebook will finally be available on Amazon this week.

I am looking forward to...Gramma's arrival tomorrow. She is more than a mother-in-law, but truly a friend. We have wonderful visits together.

I am hearing...the dishwasher, my drippy faucet and the clock ticking. Can't wait for a new faucet, and what possessed Doug to wind that clock again? I find myself doing everything in time with the clock. Very annoying.

Around the house...We are almost clean and shiny for tomorrow. I still have work in the kitchen, of course, but the rest is pretty good. I even cleaned my desk, ie my life, which seems to need tidying daily.

I am pondering...how to better implement Torah in our daily goings on. Can I be a better example? Is there a command that we have missed and need to be incorporating?

One of my favorite things...chocolate. Where is it when you need it?

A few plans for the rest of the week: Stuff hotdogs into casings, greet Gramma, absorb all the food she will be bringing into the kitchen, develop an entirely new daily routine, make soup, prepare for Shabbat, REST!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
 brotherly love xoxox

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Andi said...

It's cold here too...I had to pull out some heavy socks. Low of 36. I often wonder about my example...and man am I blessed by grace and mercy! Much love Heidi!

singing mama said...

Lovely look into your day Heidi! I hope you have a lovely visit with your mother in law, it sounds like she is a blessing to you!
Luv Donna

lusi said...

Shalom Heidi! Love reading about the goings on at your place! Have a blessed time with your mil! Love that photo too :-) I fall down so often when I consider how my life lines up with Torah in our day to day life- especially in my attitudes- but I pray He will continue to teach me, help me and change me. Always feel encouraged after visiting here Heidi; thank you!
Love Lus x

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