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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Baking Day!

After some weather delays, we were finally able to go to my sister's house to bake cookies. 

Holy cow!  Look at that big mama!

Ok, I confess the cookie recipe was full of sugar and white flour, but we will improve on the toppings as you will see later.

Yogurt frosting.  See, that's a step up!

Many of our cookie cutters were hebrew letters, very cool.

Here is our attempt to keep the little bakers contained on plates while they decorated.  They did pretty good, I think.

We decorated with different jams, coconut, nuts, chocolate, and the yogurt frosting.
Thank you, Aunt Leslie, for letting me make this post on her high speed internet.  On my dialup, this would have been a career.  Have a great day!


Mommy Set Free said...

Heidi - How fun! Do you remember where you got the letter cookie cutters?
That big baby belly is BEAUTIFUL!

Much Love, p

Heidi said...

The cutters are my sister's, so I'll ask her where she got them. I see in some of the pics that some of the letters got flipped around and are now backwards lol!

singing mama said...

Hi Heidi :)
Your belly looks wonderful! How far along are you now? I normally look like that by 16 weeks! I always pop early - except this time, very strange!
Luv Donna

Peterson Party said...

How fun that you and your sister get together to bake!

Heidi said...

It's a 45 min. drive, but we enjoy getting together when we can. It's great to have messianic extended family. I am somewhere around 18-20 weeks, but we'll hopefully get a more accurate date at my appointment next week.

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