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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Banana Bread

I've been teaching the kids how to use my Zojirushi bread machine this week.  They have been learning to read the recipe and measure correctly.  With my supervision, they have been doing quite well.   So I thought I would learn something new, too.  I have heard about soaking grains and flours, but have never actually done it.  (blush)  I pulled out my copy of "Nourishing Traditions" and decided to try banana bread.

Here is a picture of my fresh ground flour soaking.  I didn't have buttermilk, so I used the old trick of adding a little lemon juice to the milk.  I managed to let it soak for about 18 hours before I added the other ingredients.  I added cinnamon, since you can never go wrong with cinnamon.  Well, it went so well, that it also disappeared quite quickly. 

Here it is 5 minutes after I cut it.  Yep, we'll do this one again!  I definitely liked the soaked flour, it gave the bread a nice texture.  Now to go check on my cultured cream cheese. 


Sonja said...

Looks delicious! Mind if I come over? Or will there be any left??? Oh well even if there isn't I wouldn't mind tasting some of your cream cheese!! :-)


Carmen said...

Too funny, it's like this at our house, i've learned my lesson and now I make double the recipe so it lasts longer...

Peterson Party said...

Yum! We love banana bread. I've never soaked my grains for it though. The only thing I have ever soaked my flour for was tortillas and they turn out great too!

Sarah said...

YUMMO...banana bread is one of our favourites around here too! A great way to use up ripening fruit! xxx

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