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Monday, December 27, 2010

Life in my brain

Yeah, I know, this post sounds kind of scary lol.  But I thought I'd take a few minutes and share some of my hopes, dreams, and failures of late. 

~ I am working very hard on setting up long term food storage in our home.  Doug put up three shelves in the basement today and I filled them with all the canned goods I put up this last summer.  Very good feeling!  I have been putting in larger grain and bean orders at the food coop.  I also am trying to make food with the ingredients I can keep on hand at the house.

~ I am anxiously awaiting my new kitchen island.  Well, ok, it's actually two woodworking benches that we will be making into an island.  Doug wants to keep the vice on the end, just in case he wants to do some woodworking in the kitchen!  It will probably double my island storage, give me eight drawers, and two big shelves underneath.  Very excited!  Oh, and it's made of oak!

~ I am trying to write a beginning reader's version of Leviticus.  That is a real stretcher, and makes me wonder what I was thinking!  But when YHVH gives us a job to do, He helps us figure it out.  I have the first portion in Leviticus written, and I learned alot about the sacrificial system in the process.  I concluded that if we still had to sacrifice an animal every time we sinned, we would a) quickly run out of animals, and b) probably sin alot less.  We, and I speak for myself here, seem to easily lose touch with the cost for our sin.  We get careless.  I want to be more careful with everyday living.  Did my Messiah die because of the nasty attitude I am displaying this morning?

~ I have been on a mission to get my house running smoothly and have my children helping where they can.  Thus far, Naomi and Holly feed and water the chickens every day.  Isaac and Sadie help bring firewood up on the porch.  The kids know how to use the dishwasher, load and sort the laundry, clean the bathroom, sweep, tidy, cook simple foods like eggs and pasta, and help with baking.  My hope is that as I get fatter and after baby comes, they can help keep things running somewhat smoothly with mommy overseeing.  Not to mention, I want them to be well prepared for their own homes and have the varying jobs second nature.  I also moved all the sheets to the laundry room today.  Why?  Because now they will get put away right out of the dryer, rather than getting buried in a pile on top of the dryer, never to be seen again.  Hey, I know my limitations!  Better to work with them than fail miserably.

~ I was surprised to get an email that took me back about four years.  I used to have a business knitting, and dying yarn.  I was asked if I would consider dying a little yarn for a previous customer.  It was really nice to know I had been missed, and if I have enough yarn, I think I might just dye some for her.  It's been a while, and I've missed it.

~ On a daily basis, I go into the bathroom to look at my belly in the mirror.  I say, "It's not that big."  Doug says, "Not for twins!"  He has teased me for six pregnancies, and never misses an opportunity.  It will be an amazing day when he actually gets proven right!  YHVH only knows!

~ I am planning a blow by blow post of our typical school day.  However, I don't know if I'm ready to reveal that!  People will find out how simple our school is and laugh at me lol!

~ Well, I could keep going but I have to visit the bathroom again!  Oh, there's another little tiny kick!  Hello, little one!  By the way, congrats to all you ladies that are expecting blessings.

The girls are having fun playing with photography!
Bye bye for now.


Andi said...

I loved this post, and the photo...many thoughts on your mind...and go for the school post...we will not laugh!

Mommy Set Free said...

So nice visiting with you! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love this post, too! You didn't frighten me away! LOL. I've been working on dissecting each "law" on my blog, but I've reached a rut right now. I need better understanding of some things and I think I might need to go back and revise other things now that I better understand them. All this to say I think your "Lamens Terms Leviticus" would be of great help to me! ;). Also, a question: weren't there only certain times a year the sin offering was required to cover the "back log" of sins? Did I understand incorrectly?

Heidi said...

Yes, writing about the sacrificial system so a seven year old can not only understand, but read all the words, is a challenge. But I am finding that if I can explain it to a child, I understand it better myself. Currently I am studying sacrifices that were made to cover accidental sins, that a person discovered they had done. Those were made as soon as the problem was discovered. Yom Kippur would be an example of a sin offering made once a year to cover sin. So, yes and no to your question lol!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, in that case I would have to agree. I think we would wind up running out of animals! Who has a day without sinning? Accidentally or otherwise? Lol!

lusi said...

Heidi :)
You are such a breath of fresh air :)
I think you look amazing! I love seeing your baby bump!
I loved reading all the things you are working on at the moment; we have alot in common!
Anyway, thanks for sharing these things and may the blessing of YHVH be yours in abundance as you and your family continue on life's journey.
Love Lusi x

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