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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Feast of Tabernacles

As promised, some pictures of our sukkah!

Daddy with Naomi and Sadie in front of our sukkah. 
We hung pine branches on the walls which the goats ate with great satisfaction.

Our outdoor campfire, which kept us from being asphixiated by smoke in the sukkah.  Yeah!

The girls strolling across the hayfield in a rather little house on the prairie sort of way.
We were in the front pasture so sheep, goats, chickens and cats wandered through camp.

This is the kids' sleeping area.  They loved how we wrapped them up like tacos every night to help them keep warm.  I think they slept better than any of us grown ups.  Every evening they would snuggle up to us while we read scriptures with a flashlight, and I sang praise songs to them as they fell asleep.

Definitely no granite countertops, but who would want those anyway?  Our kitchen was quite homey and it did the job nicely.  We ate great during the feast.

I love how the light filtered through the cracks in the walls and the ceiling.

Sukkot is for all generations!  Elisha was perpetually covered with grass, dirt, mud, well, you get the idea.  Note the grass stuck to his face lol. 

Wow!  I was there too!

I have some more pics of a special project we worked on, but I'm tired of uploading photos on dialup for now.  So I'll show you those next time.  Shalom!

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Andi said...

Heidi - Love the beds, so much nicer than hay bales...LOL.

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