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Friday, October 15, 2010

Torah School - Noach

Wow, another week complete, and here I am, ready to give you all the intimate details.  Torah School has been a tremendous blessing in our home.  Daddy has been asking for assignments for him lol!


So, here's our week with Noach!

We learned some more hebrew with lessons from 'One Torah for All' on Sabbath, after reading the torah portion together.  The kids put on a short play for us about Noah's ark, very cute.

Day 1, we focused on art.  I let the kids cut up paper and make a collage representing Noah's ark.  (Shown by age, top left clockwise)  Sadie loves to try everything we do, whether she gets it or not lol!  Note to self: never, ever, ever use white school glue.

Day 2, we learned about hurricanes.  We checked out some neat stuff at weather.com.  Did you know that a tropical storm becomes a hurricane when it hits 74 mph?  It's ok, I didn't either.  I printed off some stuff, and gave the kids some copywork to do.  In the next pic, you can really see how giving the same assignment to 4 different aged kids will work.  Each did what they were capable of.  Sadie cut out the picture and glued it on.  Isaac copied the title, glued the picture, then got distracted and drew a dinosaur.  Holly glued, copied title, did part of the copywork, and then began decorating.  Naomi did all the assignment and then really beautified her work.

Sadie, Isaac

Holly, Naomi

Day 3, we learned about the Johnstown flood.  I remember reading a book about this in high school, and it always stuck with me.  We went to a great site with those much coveted first hand accounts.  The kids really connected with the little girl that survived riding on a mattress and then being thrown to safety by a very brave man.  We had fun picking photos to print, even a map made near the time of the flood.

Day 4, we pulled out the box of blocks.  Each kid built their own tower, which we then measured.  We also simulated an earthquake, and discussed foundations and arches.  Then they had fun bulding a tower all together.  We even managed to protect it from Elisha, who was crawling around like king kong, ready to destroy any vulnerable structure.

Day 5 was a catch up day.

Day 6 we tried something new that worked extremely well.  I have dubbed it review day.  I printed a simple notebooking page with room for writing and a picture.  Each child came into the office with me, one at a time.  They orally told me what they remembered from the week, which I wrote down on their paper.  Then they drew a picture from the week.  I graded them by assigning a point to each topic covered, and a point for the picture.  If I felt they remembered an age appropriate amount for each topic, I gave them a point.  This gave me a quick summary of how they listened, and I then reminded one of them to work a little harder next week.

There you have it.  YHVH has been good to us for yet another week.  I hope your week went well too.  Shabbat Shalom!

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Mommy Set Free said...

I think I just emailed you over at Torah School. ;-) This is really helpful! You are doing agreat job!

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