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Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Season of our Joy

Happy Feast of Tabernacles to everyone!
We hope you had as joyful a time as we did.

Here we are in front of our sukkah, the whole family in the same picture!
DOUG              ELISHA      HEIDI

I will be posting quite a bit about our celebration, probably tomorrow.  But for now, I wanted to share with you what I found out on a 3:00 am trip from the sukkah to the house.

SEE!  I told you it was the season of our joy!


Kim said...

I am a "new" reader. Found out about you from Suzanne.

I'm so happy for your family! A new blessing!! <3 Congratulations.

((and I love your Sukkah))

Suzanne McDaniel said...

Oh congrats! I just found out my sister is expecting as well. :)

Mommy Set Free said...

Halleluyah and Mazel Tov!

Peterson Party said...

Oh a new baby, how exciting! Congratulations!

Moira said...

YEAH!!!! Congratulations!!

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