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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Quick Post

Hello everyone.

First, I want to make sure you read this wonderful post by Suzanne McDaniels on modesty and dress.  I thought it was very well said and thought provoking.  So go check it out :)

Second, I will post some sukkah pics, but I'm finding myself suddenly a bit tired and niggly in the stomach.  Why is that, I wonder? lol  I'll give you one to wet your appetite.

This was our kitchen table.  The kids drew some pictures of sukkahs which we hung on the wall behind them. 

Third, we are working through our first week using Torah School.  So far, so good.  Doug keeps joking that the kids don't want to stop school.  Well, it has been pretty fun.  Did you know that the largest flower in the world doesn't have leaves?  Now you do.  I'll give a summary post, so you can see what our week looked like.

Fourth, is it just me, or does living in a sukkah for a week make life look different?  I walked back in my house and looked around.  My house is full of junk that we don't need or use!  I just want to go crazy and throw half our stuff away.  Sukkah life is so simple, and we do it with so few possessions.  No electronics, just food, Bibles, blankets, and cooking implements.  Anyway, I definitely plan on doing some serious housecleaning, if you know what I mean!  And I will spend happy moments remembering the kids cuddled up in our laps, picking numbers, and me reading the corresponding Psalm by flashlight. 

Okay, I just cleaned up my brain a little, and hopefully something in my rambling post was helpful to you.  May YHVH bless you as He has me.  Shalom!

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