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Friday, February 18, 2011

25 weeks

The camera nd I were both ready at the same time!  I will be 25 weeks on Shabbat.  I actually felt a little elbow or knee this morning!

I'm feeling very good this morning.  Yesterday, I filed our taxes and today I am taking a very large envelope to the post office.  I am mailing my final assignment for my college writing class!  After this, I get my diploma.  Just so you know, you can fit 97 pages in a 9x11 envelope, but I don't think you could fit 98.

Keep an eye out for a Hebrew curriculum review later next week!  Have a great prep day and Shabbat.


Enid said...

awww love to see your belly!!

Sigalit Chana said...

Precious! Shabbat Shalom =)

singing mama said...

Look at that lovely belly Heidi!! So compact and all out front, you look great!!
Luv Donna

Andi said...

OH Heidi - I love your bump! Congrats on your writing class and I am looking forward to your review!

Mommy Set Free said...

SO nice to SEE you!

lusi said...

You looks so beautiful and healthy Heidi! And congrats on getting your diploma - that is so wonderful!
Lots of love,
Lusi x

Peterson Party said...

Yay! Tomorrow's the big day! Can't wait to hear how it goes :)

Peterson Party said...

Been thinking about you guys - how did it go today?

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