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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bedroom cleaning

Okay, nesting is big at my house right now.  So, I take on jobs twenty minutes at a time, and then rest because I'm out of breath lol.  Doug has been so helpful lately.  Every Sunday we took on a bedroom.  We pulled everything out, thoroughly cleaned the floor, moved the furniture, and sorted through all the boxes of stuff we pulled out.  Here are some pics of our work.  The girls' room is beautiful, but Naomi's pics came out fuzzy, so we'll have to take those pics again.  First up is the boys' room.

And now my room.  We moved the bed and the room suddenly looks huge!  I was able to make enough space for a sewing table and a baby bed when we need it.  Yes, I do have dressers, but they are all on the one wall I didn't photograph.

So off to the next cleaning job!

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singing mama said...

Oh I SO understand, I am nesting big time at the moment too, and just this week I tackled the girls room, the homeschool room and the loungeroom. This coming week its the garage and then our room and then after that the kitchen. It feels so good to get rid of things and get things in order!
Have fun with the rest of your nesting :)
Luv Donna

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