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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chore grid

Most children's chore charts do not meet my expectations. I am sure my standards are too high lol. I am trying to teach my children how to properly do various jobs, but often, I find it easier to just do it myself. However, as my husband often reminds me, you cannot run a house of eight singlehandedly. My kids are willing to help, but they get frustrated if they think they are stuck with loading the dishwasher for the rest of their lives! So I found an easy way to rotate jobs, but only have one chart.

I made a list of all the jobs that need to be done to keep the house running smoothly. I probably missed some, but it's a good start. I then broke the jobs up into small portions. I didn't write "clean the bathroom" but broke it into scrub toilets, scrub sinks, scrub tub, sweep floor. Now all the jobs can be done in ten minutes or less. I have had to accept the fact that a poorly scrubbed toilet is better than a toilet not scrubbed. They will get better with practice and direction.

I opened up a spreadsheet and created a six day grid (no Sabbath.) I typed in all the jobs and color coded them. Purple is for everyone, turquoise is mom, red, yellow, green, and blue are kids' jobs. They pick a color at the beginning of the week and do, for example, all the red jobs for the week. Then they pick a different color the next week.

I have included a link to my chart below. It is specifically for our family, and includes scheduled baking. Feel free to use the idea to create one with your family's jobs. If someone else thought of this, well, great minds think alike. :)

Download chore grid here.

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Great chore chart Heidi!!

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