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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The power of a wife

We women do not often realize the great power we have in our role as wives. The home rises aand falls on the woman. The tone and atmosphere is set by her. The spiritual compass is often in her head. The ability to influence and build up her husband lies squarely on her shoulders. She holds the charms needed to keep him happy at home.

The word for virtuous in Proverbs 31 is chayil. In strongs concordance, it refers to the force of an army, virtue, valor, and strength. She is a force to be reckoned with. She is no delicate flower.

But this power can be easily abused. She can use it for manipulation. She can coerce her husband to do as she wants. She can put on a self righteous attitude and cast judgement on her husband. She can nag, whine, and complain. Shame on her if she does.

She can also use her great power and influence to build her husband up. She can realize that it is within her power to enable him to fulfill his role in the kingdom. He may not reach his full potential without her help. Though she has great strength, she must use it wisely, delicately even.

Her first stop must be her knees. She must ask the Father how she can do this great job. He may give some surprising answers. For example:

When you have a problem or concern with your husband, bring it to Me. He responds better to flanking manuevers than frontal attacks. I can handle him, and I know just how to get his heart.

Spar with him sometimes. Sometimes he needs a little healthy conflict. Sometimes he needs to blow off a little steam. He needs to know that you can take it and not get offended or emotionally hurt. He needs an equal, not a doormat.

When I give you words fitly spoken for your husband, use them, but don't overuse them. A sentence or two that shows him his fault can be very effective. A paragraph or two can be downright destructive.

Be patient with him. Yes, mostly he's just a boy in big pants. Love him for it. Don't try to mother him.

Protect him from the world, particularly the world of women. Encourage honesty without judgement. Give those strange women a run for their money.

Make him think that all the great ideas originated with him. Plant the seeds and let him think that he did.

Love him like crazy, no matter what. You hold all the cards. Please help him to succeed.

Ask YHVH how you can help your husband to be all that he can be. You may be surprised at the answers you get.


Mommy Set Free said...

Sage Words Heidi! Amen and Amen!

Natalieh said...

This is awesome. :) Amein.

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