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Monday, July 18, 2011

Elisha gets a haircut!

Okay, so he was beginning to look a little shaggy. I loved his long hair, but it was time for him to look like a little boy, and the girls needed to be discouraged from putting a ponytail in his hair. Also, it is 90 degrees out, so he really needed his hair off his neck. So we swallowed real hard. I held Elisha's head and Doug went snip, snip.
There! That wasn't too bad. Hair grows, and in a few days we can fix anything that still looks funny. :)


Natalieh said...

SO CUTE!!! :)

Mommy Set Free said...

How Sweet! Chazaq is (very) ready for his first haircut at almost 19 months...But I keep putting it off. It's funny how that first boy haircut is such a milestone isn't it? :-)

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