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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My new game

My mind has been going a bit deep lately.  I've been completely engulfed in trying to learn who YHVH is and how to trust Him for everything.  He is slowly showing Himself to me and He is ever faithful.

But I still live on this planet, and I thought I'd make my ever important job of homemaker a little fun today.  So I made up a game called BEFORE AND AFTER.  I know, I'm feeling extremely creative today lol!  So here goes.  This is my BEFORE of my kitchen.
10:40 am

11:00 am

Okay, my husband came home with groceries and everyone wanted lunch.  So we're slowing up a bit here.  Don't they know I'm in the middle of a game?  Praise YHVH for family!

Yay!  I win! And so does everyone else.  A clean kitchen makes everyone happy.

Have a great day brightening your little corner of the world!


Anonymous said...

Fun game! And you're right, everybody wins this game! :-)

Andi said...

:) Wonderful - doesn't it do our heart well when we see those smiling faces! I like this game.....

LivinginLilliput said...

Love your game and your kitchen. Looks so homey and cozy! :)

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