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Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Wishlist

Okay, when we have a little extra money, here is my list of nice to haves:

a siddur
a tichel from Sowers of Hope
fabric to make a huppah (we want to renew our vows this fall during Sukkot)
Bedtime Shema (a lovely picture book with bedtime prayers for children)
a real menorah
Land of Israel necklaces for my hubby and I
100% linen yardage to make some nightgowns and skirts

and until I have that extra money we shall say :Diyahnu (I don't know how to spell that lol)
anyway, it means "it is sufficient"

We are truly blessed!

1 comment:

Paulina {Lina} said...

That looks just like my wishlist! Although, I do own a siddur :)


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