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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Canada Goose

We have a "swamp" right behind our pasture, which is actually becoming more of a substantial wetland since the beavers built a dam. We have seen egrets, ducks, geese, and other wildlife. We actually can see the water line through the trees from our dinner table. Doug has seen the trees chopped down by beavers. (Don't fall on them!) He also was showing me the size of the goose nests, which he unfortunately has only seen in the winter, because you can't get in there in the summer, too wet.

Well, we have had a visitor come all the way into our pasture and hay field. I've never seen the geese come so close for so long. This goose has literally been hanging out in our backyard, when normally we would only see them fly over.

I adore Canada Geese, ever since watching them fly in a V over my house when I was young. Watching this one every day might just be the motivator I need to finish the bird color and copywork book I am working on lol.

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