What is my blog about? It's about Torah family living. It's about letting Torah affect our daily lives, from mealtime to bedtime, homeschooling to farm chores.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Two words

Green grass

Happy 9th Birthday!

Two weeks

Fluffy chicks
 Cheap gas

Long driveway

Little scarecrows

Happy 4th Birthday!

Hippy Hair

Hi Daddy!

Shabbat Shalom to everyone.


singing mama said...

Shabbat shalom Heidi!! Lovely to see some pics from your neck of the woods. Noah looks like he is very content!
Luv Donna

lusi said...

Happy birthday to your treasures and Noah is adorable!
Love that last shot and the one of the children with being scarecrows!
Love to you Heidi,
Lus x

Mommy Set Free said...

Is that your driveway??? Beautiful! Do tell us how you make that work with MI winters...

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