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Saturday, May 28, 2011

An encouraging word

Sometimes we just don't feel like ourselves. We are tired, frustrated, dissatisfied, and perhaps just a tad bit cranky. We feel as if we will never be that person that gets things done, reads to their children every day, shows patience when the heat lamp for the chicks gets mysteriously unplugged, and manages to keep a neat and orderly home. We find ourselves surrounded by chaos, barely treading water only to remember that we can't swim. We don't know what to do, but we know we can't go on like this. We feel guilty for yelling which seems to only induce more yelling. So you might have guessed that I have felt a little like this lately. I have prayed and asked for help, and I was led to a blog I had never seen before, and clicked a link to one of their posts in the sidebar. It spoke to my soul and I want to follow the advice given. I am anxious to see YHVH work and help me out of this slump I found myself in. Please read this post if you ever find yourself feeling a bit off. There is great wisdom in the words shared.
HsKubes Haven at Home: In times of discouragement


Michelle said...

((((Hugs))) You are not alone. Give yourself much grace during this season of your life.

Thank you for sharing the link. =)

singing mama said...

I agree with Michelle!!! You have a new baby which is a wonderful but full on task as well as other kidlets!
I do often fail at being a loving mama :( but Yah continues to work on me!
Luv Donna

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