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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I have been doing some soul searching lately. I am not what I would like to be in some areas of my life. What should I try to change? What matters most? Where should my effort be spent?

I'm sure the most obvious answer is that my relationship with YHVH would come first. But how does that translate into everyday life? If I read my Bible more, does that improve my relationship? What if I spend more time in prayer? What if I have a detailed prayer list? Somehow these answers just aren't ringing true for me. They seem to be a superficial way to measure a relationship, and they seem paved with cliches. "Prayer is like talking to God on the telephone, and you never get a busy signal."

For me, lately, my relationship with YHVH has been visible in different ways. I have spent moments knowing He was speaking to me, and then I acted on it, and had incredible peace. I was able to witness His provision first hand. It has been similar to my relationship with Elisha. We don't have an academic relationship, or even much communication, for that matter. He simply gets up in my lap, sucks on his fingers, and puts his other hand on my neck. He will sit there completely relaxed for quite a while. I have felt that way lately with my Heavenly Father. There doesn't have to be a lot of talking, simply a restful, relaxing peace. Seems fitting that Noah means "rest and comfort."


Katie said...

Aww, so sweet! Something everyone need to do more- prioritize Jesus time :) Saty healthy and enjoy chilling before your new little one arrives! Tell your other babies Katie says hi and <3

Mommy Set Free said...


lusi said...

love love love this post Heidi.
Thinking of you daily sweet friend.
Love lusi x

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