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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I dye daily

That used to be a very true statement.  I used to have a knitting and dying online business.  I had yarn in the dyepot almost everyday.  Those days came to an end when I started homeschooling.  I knew I couldn't do both.  But I was recently asked to dye some yarn for a previous customer, and I was happy to oblige.  So here's a side of me you haven't really seen yet.  Welcome to my world of fiber arts.

This is my trusty dyepot, full of yarn in process.  This colorway is called Turtle Haven.  It has shades of green, brown, and blue.  It's one of my favorites, and was always very popular.  Once the dyeing is done, it goes in my washer for the spincycle.  Then it gets hung by the woodstove to dry. 

These skeins are a new colorway I just came up with, but haven't named.  There is blue, purple, and soft burgundy.  They have been reskeined to mix up all the colors and make it real pretty.

So there you have it.  Once you've squeezed a skein of hand dyed wool yarn, you are never the same.
Have a great day!


Andi said...

Something I would love to do...someday! It's beautiful....lets see...a naming contest...hmmmmm

Kim said...

Wonderful!!! I loooooove hand dyed yarn. Had to quit buying it a while back for my crochet projects because it was an expense that we need to cut down on.

Great job!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Beautiful! :). I love the play on words (in the title), hehe. :).

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