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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Walking out the Word printable

I want to introduce another printable I just finished.  This series is called "Walking out the Word."  Each set addresses one command in the torah and gives kids lots of hands on ways to understand and practice it.  The first in the series is about wearing tassels.  It has bible studies, coloring pages, hands on activities and printable cards.  Check it out!

Download: Walking out the Word - tassels

Also, my next My Little Torah Book is almost done.  We're working on the last of the illustrations.  Holly has been sweet enough to help me out with some drawing. 


Anonymous said...

Well, that is interesting! This is the third time in the last two days I have come upon something to do with tassels/tzit tzit. I believe Abba is trying to convict me of this one. I have been avoiding it since I feel like I'm "weird enough" as it is. :). Thank you for making this; I will save it for the kidoozles when we finally walk this out. :).

Andi said...

:) I love it, in fact I downloaded it and hope to use it when we start Adam to Messiah in a couple months! Thanks Heidi!

Kim said...

This is great! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Heidi---this is just perfect for where we are right now--in fact, I just ordered some thread online yesterday so that my girls and I can make some tzitziyot.
I also wanted to thank you for the Hanukkah story you did---"It's Here!" - Michelle (8 of a Kind Family) sent the link on to me and we used it this year--my girls especially enjoyed the activities, but also looked forward to finding out "what happened next" each night. Thank you!

The Heaton Family said...

Andi, you are gonna LOVE Adam to Messiah. I had so much fun doing that when my guys were little. We still keep the notebooks from all those years ago and love to re-read (I call this review, yes?)

The Heaton Family said...

Heidi, I love this. Do you come up with this? Great job! I can't wait to see what else you've done!

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