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Thursday, January 13, 2011


At the beginning of this post, I am going to make it clear that I am in a silly mood.  That said, I have been enjoying the pictures of all the ladies in skirts this week.  I have been wearing skirts or dresses only for at least ten years now.  But I have not participated for a few very important reasons.

1. I only have two skirts that fit right now.  The number is only so high because I made another skirt on Monday.

2. Due to reason number 1, I have been wearing my pajamas, because they fit around my belly.  (By the way, it is officially big, measuring 7cm ahead.)

3. Even if my clothes were actually fitting, I don't go anywhere all winter, and my primary concern is warmth.  In other words, I'm not all pretty like the pictures I've seen.

Okay, I lean towards the funky in my dress.  I like bright colored knee socks, wild print head scarves, hot pink rubber boots, etc.  But today, I went over the top even for me lol!

So, I wish to share with you my award winning outfit today.  No, you do not get a pic, because my camera batteries are dead.  Be grateful!  I am saving your eyes!

Starting at the bottom, I have gray and black striped knee socks, think wicked witch of the west.
My new skirt is great, wrap around ankle length blue denim with purple butterflies fluttering all over it.
My maternity tshirt is gray with little tiny flowers all over it.
I'm cold so I added a pink and purple plaid flannel shirt.
My headscarf is a bandanna with blue and purple large flowers all over it.
Hey, don't be so mean!  I remembered to put my tsitsiyot on!

Now, aren't you glad I didn't post a pic!  May I provide you with a healthy chuckle that seizes you suddenly in about 4 hours.  Have a great day!


Andi said...

HAHAHHAHAHHA! Ok you and I might be similar in fashion sense....I always dress in layers, especially in winter and most often they may be somewhat similar in the color wheel - but that is no promise. Funny!

Michelle said...

This made me laugh too, Heidi! I can relate in more ways than 1 (like all three!). Except I am the opposite of funky ~ I'm pretty plain and boring. :P

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