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Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Little Torah Books

The next My Little Torah Book is ready.  This one is all about eating kosher.  I remember my children quoting how a kosher animal chews its cud and has a split hoof.  Doug would quiz them as a game until it was second nature.  This is important for children to understand so they will have the foundation to make informed decisions as they grow older.  Hopefully this book will help.

Download:  We eat kosher

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YahKheena said...

These are so sweet. My girls were often making books and lapbooks, now it is so enjoyable for them to look through them.

Enid said...

wow this is super cute... Thhanks for sharing!!
Enid @ raisingyhwhkids.blogspot

Peterson Party said...

Thanks for this book! My oldest daughter has loved playing "Do we eat..." game since she was about two!

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